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Neverovatna transformacija ove devojke nateraće vas da preispitate svoje stavove o vežbanju.

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Vežbe snage i vežbe sa tegovima više nisu "samo za dečake". Poznate ličnosti, ali i "obični" ljudi konačno su uvideli sve prednosti klasičnih vežbi snage.

Rebeka Ketrin Smit dokumentovala je svoju transformaciju, nakon što je posle godina uporog pridržavanja režima kardio treninga koji nije donosio rezultate kakve je želela, počela da radi vežbe snage.


LIFTING MAKES YOU MANLY?! - It infuriates me how still so many girls think the second you pick up a dumbbell or protein shake you'll suddenly become the hulk changing my training from cardio to weights changed me completely inside & out and each to their own but I personally don't think I've made my body look at all manly in my past year and a bit of weight training! Here are my 3 main reasons for girls to start lifting - 1. Building strength & muscles: Lifting builds on a woman's natural curves and helps your body be the strongest it can. Ripped abs, sexy strong back, shoulder boulders & a curvy behind alll come from lifting #strongnotskinny - 2. Loosing that extra body fat: my body fat % saw a MASSIVE fall when I began lifting because as your muscle mass INCREASES your metabolism INCREASES. Before I would spend hours on cardio machines thinking that will get rid of fat but never saw any results and just made me HATE going to the gym, and if you feel like your in that boat now then change it up now! - 3. Healthy relationship with food & body image: when your doing cardio in order to burn 'calories' it's so easy to look at food as numbers and end up feeling guilty for eating too much and feeling like you HAVE to restrict yourself to see results, well that's just not the case at all. Starting weight training made me realise food is fuel and I need LOTS of it to get the best out of my training the amount I eat has honestly trebled since I picked up lifting and I absolutely love it there's no restricting and there's no guilt in indulging in treats once in a while because what better way to fuel a sesh - Rant over if this convinces one girl to try out weight training mission complete but I wanna see MORE GIRLS in the weights section and get rid of the association that it's just for boys because it's not #gainingweightiscool #StrengthFeed #transformationthursday?

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Ona, naravno, vodi računa i o ishrani, živi zdravo i vežba redovno, ali to je sve činila i dok je njen režim vežbanja podrazumevao beskrajne kardio treninge.

COMPOUND SUPERSETS - Few snippets of todays workout with @adamcapel of some of my favourite supersets to include when training glutes and wooowz do I feel it already - I always do at least one or two compound exercises each leg sesh (squat, deadlift, hip thrust etc) and feel so much more of a burn especially in glutes when I superset them with light weight high rep exercises like these and feel like I really am getting the most out of my workout and breaking a serious sweat - First one: • Sumo deadlift 4 x 5-7 reps • Single leg dumbbell deadlift 4 x 10-12 reps each leg Second one: • Squats 4 x 5-7 reps • Goblet pulse squat 4 x 12-15 reps - Followed these by hip thrusts (hit 100kg pb yay lol), walking lunges & leg extension! Try out these supersets to feel a serious burn

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"Tegovi će vas pretvoriti u muškaraču? Začuđujuće je kako i dalje toliko devojaka misli da će one sekunde kad uzmu teg u ruke ili popiju proteinski šejk u ogledalu ugledati Halka. Prelazak sa kardio treninga na vežbe s tegovima potpuno me je promenila i fizički i mentalno. Naravno, svi mi imamo različit ukus, ali ne mislim da moje telo nakon godinu dana vežbi s tegovima izgleda kao telo muškarca. Evo mojih razloga za vežbe snage: 1) izgradićete mušiće i imaćete više snage, ali ćete bez problema zadržati ženstvenu figuru, i bićete jače nego ikad, 2) skinućete taj višak masnih naslaga, jer ćete izgraditi mišiće koji će vam ubrzati metabolizam i 3) izgradićete zdrav odnos prema svom telu i vežbanju", napisala je Rebeka uz ovu fotografiju.

Yesterday's booty sesh with bae @adamcapel left me feeling so unbelievably sore Request for workout vids been heard!! GLUTES & HAMMIES focused leg workout ‍♀️ This is a typical workout for me to do once or twice a week for lower body! With usually another one focused more on quads 1. Barbell Hip Thrusts 4 x 6-8 reps (did this as my compound exercise so go HEAVY, squeeze at the top and hold for 5-10 seconds on last rep) 2. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift 4 x 10-12 reps (not as heavy as if done with a barbell but I find it easier to get depth and feel it properly in my glutes by using dumbbells!) 3A. Squats 4 x 10-12 reps (lighter weight and higher reps rather than usual, may not look pretty but squeeze tight with the glutes at the top!!) 3B. Walking Lunges 4 x 8 reps each leg (aka 16 steps per set in total) 4A. Cable Kickbacks 3 x 12-15 reps each leg 4B. Leg Curl on Swiss ball 3 x 12-15 reps Wearing @peachgains

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"Ranije, provodila sam sate na trakama za trčanje, steperima.... razmišljajući sve vreme o tome kako ću konačno smršati i pošto se to nije dogodilo, i i dalje nisam bila zadovoljna svojim telom, počela sam da mrzim da odlazim na treninge. I postoji još jedan problem, kad ste posvećeni isključivo kardio treninzima, sa ciljem da 'sagorite' što više kalorija, počnete hranu da gledate kroz kalorije, a onda ste samo na korak od toga da vas grize savest jer ste pojeli nešto i uneli toliko i toliko kalorija", objašnjava Rebeka.

"Kad pređete na vežbe snage, hranu počnete da posmatrate kao izvor energije koja vam je neophodna da vežbate."

Ona devojkama savetuje da pobede predrasude u vezi sa vežbama snage, jer je ona živ dokaz da one nisu "samo za dečake".

You know ur white chocolate carb killa obsession is serious when you start using Grenade tshirts & waterbottles Super excited to announce I'm now part of the @grenadeofficial team! I've loved Grenade products ever since I got into fitness, (with white choc carb killa addiction becoming slightly concerning - if you've tried you get me, and if you haven't well... wyd) I've tried tons of their products, which are yet to disappoint! And I can't wait to make my way through the rest of their range, letting you guys know the must haves & updating you with any new product launches! I also have an exclusive discount code 'rebecca25' which you guys can use to get 25% off your whole purchase on the Grenade website! Honoured to be part of a company that I genuinely love and am a very loyal customer of Always knew it was go hard or go home for Grenade with the quality of their products, but they've just proved that with this welcome package so a MASSIVE thank you for that #TeamGRENADE #bringonthecarbkillas #StrengthFeed

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